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Reviewed by freeappsforme!!!

'Green: An Orc’s Life is... a fantastic option... because of its captivating plot, excellent visuals, and challenging gameplay.'

I came across a review of Green by Daria, on a fantastic website which gives free and honest opinions on a variety of apps.

Thanks, freeappsforme, for taking a look at Green. I am thrilled you enjoyed it!

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View and download the game manual here.


From your first day of orc-life, freshly spawned, through childhood, adulthood, old age, to the day when you cross over to the big green yonder of the afterlife, you swipe left or right to decide your story.

Become a brutal beast, feared throughout the known world, chased by do-gooder bounty hunters. Rise to the mantle of King of the Orcs and lead your horde to war. Transcend greatness, perhaps, to arise from your deathbed as the de-facto orc deity. Every decision counts. Every swipe builds or erodes your reputation and abilities. Be cunning, choose carefully. Nefarious plots and blind fortune await. Eat halflings, become fat and rich, or languish as a mere minion at the bottom of the totem pole of orc society.

Stats and Loot: Find artefacts and achieve rewards to boost your abilities. Build your horde, please Krog, the orcish war god, spread fear and gather tons of loot. Use strength, cunning or even your renowned appetite to tackle the myriad events during your orc's life.

A multitude of stories: Decide on events every year. Befriend those you deem useful to your rise, crush all enemies, but beware the danger behind every corner. Deal with shaman's, goblins and the lesser species; dwarf, elf, human and tasty halfling.

Quests: From set quests asking for mere survival to slaying a dragon in a dungeon, create a legacy of anti-heroic proportions.

Orc Style: With graphic-novel style art, adventure across a fantasy world to the sounds of war drums and war-horns.

Out NOW on Steam.

And on Android.

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