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In GO GREEN: AN ORC'S JOURNEY, grow your orc and tackle your enemies in one-on-one encounters and large-scale battles. You'll make decisions based on EVENTS, chosen from a dice role. You'll decide how to confront each event by making choices, increasing or depleting your attributes while growing your tribe, while enacting the will of the orc god Krog. With this in mind, your orc will grow through 3 stages of life (child orc, grown orc, old orc. Watch your destiny unfold, until you finally give up the green ghost, in one of many endings.

Using cards, tokens and keywords, you can become an orc and forge a mediocre or magnificent life until your eventual demise. Mature from a child to an old orc, becoming anything from a cursed, snivelling, puny pauper to a famous, all-devouring, big-bellied all-you-can-eat champion, to world-saving, or world-conquering, warlord. The world is your, slightly gone-off, green oyster.

Print and Play edition available NOW,

from The Game Crafter.

Ready-made component edition

available soon, from The Game Crafter.



GO GREEN: AN ORC'S JOURNEY is my attempt to forge Fighting Fantasy-style books, life simulators, computer games, and card games without having a core linear story and emphasising replayability. The player will choose how to deal with random life events. These choices will have implications which affect later events. The key to success will be finding a good balance of your core attributes, and remembering to 'think like an orc.' In this way, I hope to provide a deep single-player experience which lasts up to 60 minutes, where you create your own orc's entire life story and, perhaps, laugh a little along the way.

A few years ago, I made an indie computer game called 'GREEN: AN ORC'S LIFE', based on the amazingly successful REIGNS series of games. In Reigns, the player's life choices were decided by swiping either left or right. GREEN: AN ORC'S LIFE is a fun little game, well received, though crude and lacking a proofreader or editor. I think it is time to bring orc-life to a wider audience. I am sure the many more wannabe orcs out there are eager to live the Green-Life, with a more complex experience than simply swiping left or right.

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