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An Unexpectedly Green Journey

A work-in-progress, An Unexpectedly Green Journey sees the player lead the squalid, pacified remains of orc-dom. Starting as mere dependents of the Smallfolk (Halflings) and ignorant of their history, players will take the forefront of a great rebellion, uniting the trailer-park tribes, engaging in tactical battles and managing resources to reforge the world in GREEN. Take on cowboy Halflings, Rockpunk Dwarves and Dogfighting Elves, in a steampunk fantasy world where traditional tropes have been turned on their head.

In the early stages of development, the game aims to create an epic account of a new orc hero, where your choices will define your kind in the eyes of the world for all time. 

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Behold, the world you will attempt to subjugate beneath orc boots.

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Lead your degenerated tribe in rebellion against cowboy Smallfolk.

Raid with your road warriors, on steampunk bikes, in tactical battles.

Decide the fate of the world around you.

If it gets too much, have a few pints of grog in the Green Gentleman Tavern.

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