Behind the clockwork android mask:


Numbered Entity's alter ego is a human male by the name of James Isaac who has lived on Earth for almost 34 of its revolutions of the sun. He likes lots of stuff, but dislikes social media due to VSAD (virtual social anxiety disorder). He loves reading stories, loves to write stories too (some of which he thinks are very good). He has a middling to mild confusion with commas when under the throes of keyboard tyranny.


The Numbered Entity Project was born as a place for those unique stories which have ricocheted between slush piles for a good while. Stories which are thought-provoking, entertaining, but often digress in structure and/or style from standard expectations (my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Stories which James likes immensely and didn't want to bury in the story graveyard. Instead, the destiny of such tales was resurrection via the data vaults of The Numbered Entity Project.


James also publishes under the name 'James Isaac' and 'James K. Isaac' because of the legend that if your middle initial is K you are likely to propel an attached story into the stratosphere.


A selection of James's published stories (with always more suffocating in a slush pile somewhere) can be found below:


Shattering Obsidian-  in Bards and Sages Quarterly, July 2013 issue (available to buy from Amazon)


Anabiosis-  in 'The Big Bad, An Anthology of Evil' (available to buy from Amazon)


Half-light- in Spinetinglers (available to read for free)


Monkeys and Empire State Buildings- Perihelion Science Fiction, April 2013 issue (issue no longer online, expected a release as part of The Numbered Entity Project)


Cold Pride- in Interstellar Traveller Fiction (avaialble to read for free. Also published as part of The Numbered Entity Project)


Empty Pockets (part 1 and part 2)- in Cast of Wonders (free to read, and listen to as a podcast)


Waste Not Want Not- in 'Tales for the Toilet' (available to buy from Amazon)



At present there are hopeful accepted stories waiting to appear in future issues of Analog, Stupefying Stories, and Apex and Abyss. Watch this space, as they say.


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