Undead Entrepreneurs


                                 Genetically Enhanced Assassins



     Orphan Sorceresses


                                            Rogue Artificial Intelligence



                                     Twisted Empaths


      Dissolute Gamers



                                                           Drunk Space Traders




Off-Grid Terrorists


A Reigns-like card-swiper. Grow an orc. Pilot it through a life of pillage, plunder and gluttony. Build up your horde, become filthy-rich with loot, even become a god! 

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Status updating…Time and Space breached…Data leak detected…

The archives of The Numbered Entity Project have opened in this membrane of existence for the very first time. Inside the, at once both infinitesimal and infinity-spanning, data stores wait the tales of rogues, outcasts and 'others.' Those whose time was numbered but refused to 'know their place.' Those who tried, for better or worse, to change their respective worlds of swords and magic, steam and musket, or nanotechnology. The Project records all, in tribute to Time and Space.

New Tricks for Old Gods

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Great news, citizen #238894F, it's Labour Assignment Day! Make sure you're not late for the energy beams to transport you to the Administration Bureau. Avoid unsavoury characters and run down places. Enjoy your existence in your Grey-Authority assigned place in society. Have a nice life!


But what if something went wrong? What if you're late, infected with a cyber-virus and kidnapped by Black Hat gangsters?


Find out in 'New Tricks for Old Gods,' a visual novel by James K. Isaac, set in a cyberpunk-dystopian world. Inspired by 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories, you decide where your adventure will take you. Will you escape the oppressive technocracy of a nightmare future or fall victim to the tyrannous regime of the Grey Authority?

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