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A story lover's tiny corner of the multiverse. Author and indie game developer, James K. Isaac.
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Status updating…Time and Space breached…Data leak detected…

The Numbered Entity Project has spontaneously opened in our membrane of existence. Inside the, at once infinitesimal and infinity-spanning, data stores crackle the archives of past and future stories.


Found among dusty tomes, in campfire songs or as binary memories scratched into the event horizon of a black hole, the curious custodians of remarkable lives and events invite you to indulge in their collection. These stories tell of those who refused to know their place, those who tried, for better or worse, to change their respective worlds of sword and magic, steam and musket, or nanotechnology. 

The Project records all, in tribute to Time and Space.


Copyright © 2013-2023 The Numbered Entity Project

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